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With the Slack & ISELO integration, you can access knowledge directly from the Slack App. Hence you don't have to toggle between different tabs to access your knowledge base.


  • Click the above link or link in the account to install slack's integration
  • Select a channel in which ISELO will be able to post & click allow
  • This integrates the Slack app with ISELO

After the integration is complete, Login to ISELO account

  • Type "/iselo setup" in the ISELO bot window
  • The following message will be displayed by the ISELO bot
  • Click the setup link & login to the ISELO account
The below success will be displayed after successful login

After Successful Login

With the Slack & ISELO integration, you can do the following:

⦿ Search for knowledge & share it directly in channels or personal messages

  • Write the command "/iselo search <keyword>" to search in all the knowledge stored in ISELO
  • All the relevant knowledge pieces get displayed
  • Select the knowledge piece to be viewed in ISELO or to be shared in the channel/direct message
  • The message will appear like below, once a knowledge piece is posted in the group
  • Multiple pieces can also be posted in the channel from here
  • All the members in the channel can view the content either in ISELO or in the web-browser by clicking on the knowledge title

⦿ Save knowledge in ISELO directly from channels or direct messages

  • Write the command "/iselo add" and press enter
  • Enter the desired URL in the following pop-up, which appears after the command
  • Select the Owner, i.e. the visibility of the knowledge piece as Private or Group or Organization
  • Next select the Name of the group, if Group is selected as owner
  • Lastly, select the list in which this knowledge piece is to be added
  • After saving the content, it will appear like following in the message window
  • It can be viewed in ISELO, if required

Explainer Videos

This is a short video (20 seconds) to depict the knowledge search in a message Search in Slack
Here is the link to a full description of Slack's Integration with ISELO Slack with ISELO