Microsoft Teams

With the Microsoft teams & ISELO integration, you can access knowledge directly from the Microsft App. Hence you don't have to toggle between different tabs to access your knowledge base.

Integrate ISELO with Microsoft Team


  • After clicking on the Microsoft Teams integration button from the account or above, a zip file will download.

  • From the Microsoft teams app, click the apps section

  • Select "Upload a customized app" option.

  • Upload the zip file that was downloaded in step 1

  • The ISELO app will be added to your workspace

After the integration is complete, Login to ISELO account

  • Login in the ISELO bot by writing "login"

  • The following message will be displayed by the ISELO bot

  • Click the Login button & login to the ISELO account

After Successful Login

  • With ISELO you can do the following:


  • Help: It displays the above menu about what ISELO is capable of doing

  • Search: It displays the search menu:

    • Search-private

    • search-in-group

    • search-all

  • Logout: With this option, you will be logged out of the ISELO account. You will have to login again to use the ISELO's functions.

  • Search-private: This option is used to search for a knowledge piece in the private space. Just wite search-private <keyword to be searched>

  • Search-in-group: This option is used to search for a knowledge piece in the group/team space.

    • Just wite search-in-group

    • Iselo will pop up the list of all teams accessible

    • Select the desired team

  • Search-all: This option is used to search for a knowledge piece in all the knowledge saved in ISELO


In personal or group chats writing "@iselo" will search for knowledge pieces directly in ISELO from that chat itself

  • Just click on ISELO in suggestions.

  • The following search bar will open.

  • Type in the keyword to be searched

  • ISELO will display all the related content

  • Select the relevant knowledge piece to be shared in the chat

  • A message with that card will be created. wite anything in the card if required, and post it the chat

  • The message with the required knowledge piece will be shared in the chat

Knowledge in ISELO can also be searched from the search bar in the top of any chat in Microsoft Teams:

  • Write "@iselo" in the search bar & select ISELO from the suggestions

  • Type the keyword to be searched in the ISELO search bar

  • All the relevant knowledge pieces will be displayed

  • Select the knowledge piece to be posted

  • The selected knowledge piece can be viewed in the browser by selecting "Open Link"

  • Alternatively, it can be copied & pasted in any chat to share knowledge instantaneously with the team/individuals

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